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Become a supplier with the first machinery parts marketplace in Russia

SPL is an e-commerce platform — a powerful new sales channel by which you can receive orders from throughout Russia

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The customer will come to you. Because you're always online.

How does it work?

The main principle behind SPL is that all goods are in stock. The buyer sees the quantity, cost, and other information about your products and can purchase them immediately. You ship the part directly from your warehouse and the customer pays for delivery.

This is a true online service

SPL doesn't sleep or go out for lunch – orders are received around the clock, and the order processing is automated. Even the payment documents are automatically generated and sent out. This lightens the load on your sales department.

New customers

The marketplace reaches an audience you might not have had time to reach before. Companies from other regions and the owners of smaller machinery parks can now find you on the Marketplace themselves. SPL takes care of that.

Why is it profitable to sell through SPL?

Порог входа!
An Easy Start
  • Free connection
  • No subscription fees
  • Free integration assistance and technical support from SPL
Клиенты с нас
Customer Flow
  • We promote your products through a variety of communication channels
  • We organize marketing and attract your target audience
  • You receive prepaid orders
Оптовые покупатели
Payment Guarantee
SPL demands 100% prepayment. You can see all orders and which payments your account is receiving.
Fair commission rates
You pay a fixed and modest commission fee on prepaid orders only. There are no financial risks.

We provide customers from the following categories

Construction Machinery
Спецтехника и дорожная техника
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery
Тракторы и сельхозмашины
Forestry Machinery
Лесная техника
Warehousing Machinery
Складская техника
Mining Machinery
Горная техника
Motor Vehicles
Diesel Generator Units
Municipal Utility Vehicles
Складская техника

Who sells through SPL?

  • Parts Manufacturers
  • Authorized Dealers
  • Regional Wholesale Distributors

Major players in the Russian heavy machinery market have put their trust in the Marketplace, supplying more than 100,000+ items through SPL. You, too, can take advantage of this unique new sales channel.

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Brands sold on SPL

Your free benefits:
In-place infrastructure for receiving and processing orders
Automated management of orders and finances. Sales reports and analytics for greater efficiency.
Delivery Calculator
Many popular transport companies' widgets are connected to SPL. The service instantly calculates the cost and terms of delivery from your warehouse.
Help with uploading your product line
Help updating your product info regularly. Tips and training every step of the way.
No subscriptions
You pay a fixed and predictable commission fee on each order.
Quick Payouts
SPL transfers money to the supplier's account 3 days after goods are delivered to the buyer.
Full transparency
Online order reports are available in your account. You always know which payments you will receive and when.

Become a supplier with Russia's first marketplace of spare parts for heavy machinery!

Get a constant flow of orders and a unique competitive advantage!
Become a supplier
Станьте поставщиком первого в России маркетплейса запчастей для спецтехники!
  • Our company already has an online store. Why do we need to work with the Marketplace?

    The Marketplace and an online store are not mutually exclusive. They are two separate channels that, together, increase a company's market reach. A company's online store cannot achieve the same traffic volume as the Marketplace because we promote both the suppliers and the Marketplace itself. SPL invests its own resources in attracting customers. You join a platform on which every user is a potential customer - 100% guaranteed.
  • How does SPL differ from other websites that offer to sell our parts?

    These are aggregators-intermediaries that sell the goods themselves and don't provide you with data on the client base (buyers). They do not promote suppliers or respond to the specific features of this specialized field. For example, product cards do not reflect the needs of the target audience and there is no cataloguing. Most such companies focus on spare parts for trucks, devoting less attention to spare parts for specialized machinery. SPL was created specifically for the specialized machinery market and takes into account the needs of both suppliers and customers.
  • Won't competitors see our prices?

    Yes, but offline customers can also analyze offers and take their busienss to a competitor. Ultimately, a successful supplier is one who can reduce overhead while remaining close to the customers, quickly responding to their requests. SPL gives you that opportunity. In addition, we plan to provide analytical data on pricing policies and recommend prices for your products. This tool will allow you to "keep your finger on the pulse" of the business and increase your competitiveness.
  • We do not have an IT specialist to set up synchronization with the Marketplace. Does that mean we can't work with SPL?

    After you sign the contract, we'll create a storefront for you and upload your product data. We will train your employees via the test mode. We can also set up the synchronization with your accounting system (if access is available).
  • Why do we pay SPL a commission?

    This payment goes for IT infrastructure, fast Internet access, promotional activities, your personal account with analytical data, service support, and, most importantly, an increase in your market share. And, you pay only for results without risking anything. You can also give the platform a try by uploading goods of a certain price category, then decide at a later date if you want to upload all of your merchandise or only certain types of products to the Marketplace.
  • How do I get started with the Marketplace?

    Submit an application. Our manager will contact you to answer your questions and explain the principles of the Marketplace. Next, answer a short questionnaire about your company and we will prepare a contract.

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