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SPL (Service Parts Logistics) the first global marketplace of equipment parts. With delivery.

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Service Parts Logistics

Service Parts Logistics

What can help industrial machinery owners get their equipment back up and running faster? Technology can. The industry needs an online marketplace where suppliers can list their parts and equipment owners can find and order what they need in minutes, not days. This is why we created the SPL (Service Parts Logistics) Marketplace.

The SPL Marketplace brings cutting edge solutions to a time-honored industry.

SPL brings together suppliers and the companies that need those parts.



We guarantee honest pricing and conduct by all parties involved in the transaction. We also guarantee fair terms for both suppliers and buyers.

How it works:

  • SPL verifies suppliers and buyers.
  • We operate according to transparent algorithms and principles.
  • SPL provides a rating and feedback system, working to resolve rather than remove negative feedback.


Every minute of downtime means lost profit for the client and delays in project delivery. The SPL Marketplace makes finding the right part fast and easy.

How it works:

  • Only parts in stock are displayed.
  • The search and ordering process is automated.
  • An invoice arrives in minutes.
  • SPL suppliers work with only the best shipping companies.


SPL protects the interests of all user groups and supports them at every stage of their Marketplace experience.

How it works:

  • The SPL Support Team provides prompt assistance to both customers and suppliers.
  • We consult with and advise suppliers, helping them display their products in the Marketplace.
  • We provide conflict resolution services.


Our service is easy to use. No special knowledge or experience is needed.

How we do it:

  • The service is intuitive and updated constantly.
  • Explanations, notifications and newsletters are written in clear, easy-to-understand language.